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That Hideous Stench

I'm used to being cavalier with leaving food out. But I'm also used to apartments under 80 degrees. Under 70 for choice.

Last night I put some split peas on to soak. Not that split peas need soaking but I thought it might help them. Peas in pot, water in pot, pot on stove, some heat added -- not quite to boiling -- heat off, go to bed. This morning the water level had sunk beneath the pea level, so I added some more, then decided to spend the day at the library and in Lindley and skipped cooking the peas, figuring they could soak a while longer. And I turned off the A/C like a good citizen, since I was going to be out.

I come back at 1am, nearly 24 hours after I first put the peas on, to a thermostat reporting 84 degrees and this Hideous Stench(TM), not entirly unlike rotting meat. "Hrm?" I check the pot, and there's the layer of foam, and beneath it discolored water (though the peas hadn't dissolved or anything, not like someone's bacon) and definitely the source of the Hideous Stench(TM).

So, naturally I tossed all that, and am now balancing the need for fresh air with the need for cooler air. I'm still surprised at the rapid decay, and wonder if it was bacterial or some enzymatic action of the peas, released by heat and moisture. Either way, eww.

Unrelatedly (one hopes!) this clothing repair and alterations store near me offers "farm fresh eggs" for $1.25. Odd...

Library action: reading more Chobits, starting Finkelstein's David and Solomon

Lindley action: Metacat evaluation, and debugging blahs.

In between: I went to Greek's Pizza, the one next to Ladyman's and jointly doomed to some foolish business can prove how much investor money they can waste by putting offices on a commercial drag. I wasn't particularly impressed by the pizza, nor by the multiple TVs and radios going.



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