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Before Arisia day 3: lodgings!

OMG I actually have a place for a month unprecedented. Well, probably; he took a deposit, with time for me to decide whether to stay or (implicitly) them to decide they don't want me that long. But all going well, Thursday I'll be in a place where I don't have to immediately look for a new place. Less than half the price of my first one, more room wifi and laundry than the current one. 7 minutes to Porter Square, thus a slightly longer walk to get to things.

Train to Arisia. Bunch of young women came on, two in lacy pattern fishnet stockings, e.g. one with flowers down the side, another in a lacy dress. 14:30 on a Sunday. They kep taking photos of each other with the biggest camera that I've seen in a while.

Food: my hosts have been making a brew (some small 2-cup brewer) of coffee and leaving it in a thermos for me. I think it's good coffee, though I mostly have it with a bunch of whole milk, instantly bringing it to a warm and mild state I can chug down happily. My steak from McKinnon's meat market cooked up quite tastily, and I got 4 servings out of it. Food at Arisia has been inadequate amounts of my own bread, purchased roast beef sandwiches, and con suite food, some hot: chicken nuggets Friday, quite good meatballs in sauce last night.

Took about 55 minutes to get from the con to home last night. Longer than I thought, though a bit of that was waiting for trains. 20 minutes Davis to South Station, Silver to WTC is I think 5, 5 minute walk to the con... hrm.

I've been having fun, but haven't met many people, or well. I might try volunteering at Boskone, that's supposed to help.



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