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I have bicycled

I had 9 books on reserve at the main library, which is like a 20 minute walk away. It seemed a good time to get around to biking again. I walked it down to the shop 2 blocks away, and asked about my loose cork handlebar. "Hairspray, which we don't have. Or for that, some strong glue, ditto." I'd previous known that they had free hand pumps in the store, and that another store had free hand pumps and a compressor fixed at 80 psi, which compared unfavorably to the Bloomington store which has a variable compressor. Today I found that this store does have a compressor, set to 65 psi -- ideal for my mountain bike -- and *outside*, so the store doesn't have to be open. One point to it.

Then my first ride in the Boston area. On the street down Forest and Oxford and part of Kirkland, then I chickened out and hit a wide low-traffic sidewalk along aa narrow bus-ridden street. Street again to the next main street, and I'm glad I then asked where the library was. I was thinking left or right, it turned out to be the next street over, right in front of me down a walkway. I'd luckily chosen just the right place to turn right.

I explored a bit more. Feels like the Monroe Public Library might be bigger than Cambridge Main but the layouts are so different it's hard for me to judge. Seems like smaller footprint, but stacked four stories. Of course there's more branch libraries, and that network of pretty much all the suburban libraries.

I forgot my exact departure time, but it wasn't more than 12 minutes to the library. 9 minutes back. Parked down in the basement; keeping it in my second story apartment would be doable but awkward, given double doors and a medium staircase.

Gee, if I got my dumbbells back out, I'd stop needing the gym membership. Unless they get the swimming pool working. And there's the whole low-stress thing about stationary bikes.



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