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Yay for library card, ramble ramble

Much book reading has been occurring. Like all four Rosemary Kirstein novels, which I'd like to talk about, but there's no good venue. Maybe I should just e-mail Jo. I'm also more than halfway through the Liveship Traders books. Moments of hope have been flickering forth, so I anticipate crashing bleakness soon. I've got a bunch of non-fiction books too: eels, the new outer solar system, Keynes, Spirit Level, Art, but have been chewing through my fiction first. Remiss on buying Tiassa, the new Brust; I keep wanting to go pick up a copy, though if I'd ordered one I'd have read it by now. Cambridge has many bookstores but none I can trust to have it, or Spice and Wolf... Somerville Borders had the first of the later, but I don't know if it's even still open.

I've done more business mapping of my neighborhood, walking up and down with my smartphone and noting what's interesting. And eating at some of the restaurants, like the Spanish or Latin 'diner' I was just at, trying their lomito saltado.

Still mildly sick. Been 9 days? Keep thinking I should go to MGH Urgent Care, or CVS Minute Clinic, to get antibiotics to clear this up. I keep wanting it to clear up naturally, and I've got more energy and the throat's not too bad, but now the chest feel phlegmed up. We'll see if this Mucinex does anything. The one nice thing about being a virus motel as a kid was that all those colds and fevers went away. This bacterial stuff... And separately, my left wrist hurts if in a certain configuration, so I can't do push-ups or bicep curls because of STABBING PAIN. Wonder if it's from the bike ride too, leading on my wrists for 3 hours.

Politics, oy veh.

Haven't been very social, due to nursing myself, plus not being sure if I'm integrated enough to show up for some of the things I hear about. The people I talk to the most aren't the ones who host things. Will probably see people Sunday.

Been making meat sauce again, even without grass-fed beef. Mmmm.

Possible nice feature of this apartment I discovered today: the second bedroom has a concrete trough outside the window, a side effect of being over the building entrance, but it could take plant pots. Big ones I guess, to actually get some sun over the high wall, and it'd be shadowed in the afternoon. But it's a thought.



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