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Museum and novel

Finally checked out the Harvard Museum of Natural History near me. When I discovered $50 got a membership in it, the Peabody, and the Harvard Art Museum, I gambled on that. If I go twice to each it'll be worth it. This museum has a very large mineral collection, as well as the "glass flowers", very realistic glass models of plants and plant parts. One could spend a lot of time in either room trying to learn stuff. There's multiple rooms of animals, and some lighter rooms on color and the environment and New England forests.

Basil fried rice at a Thai place was really good. The crispy chicken part wasn't.
Chicken biryani tonight was good, and I think even dark meat. Service was very slow about bringing me a bill or giving change.

I just finished Usurper of the Sun, by Housuke Nojiri. Pretty much hard SF, and the characterization is somewhat Eganesque. Near-term in-Solar System SF, with an alien visitation of sorts, and an author who apologizes for his "unrealistic" nuclear space drives pushing the envelope of what's likely to be feasible, meaning delta-vees of tens of km/s.

http://james-nicoll.livejournal.com/3180744.html is a review though fairly spoiler heavy, outlining much of the plot though leaving out many details.

I liked it; as James said, has more strengths I care about than weaknesses I care about.

Main character is a woman scientist not quite as sexless as Susan Calvin. This seems a pattern for the author.

I've been keeping up with Doctor Who. Doesn't seem much to say. It's not like the episodes support much logical analysis, they're more like high-emotion fairy tales.

At singing tonight Paul E. put a stuffed echidna on his head. I asked "So you received echidna transplant?"


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