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Secret Garden

...man, I barely recognize this book. On my own, I'd have recalled "hidden garden" and maybe "invalid" and "a girl". Having read more than half... 'Colin' and 'Dickon' are familiar, as is Dickon's touch with animals, and the scene of finding the green shoots, and "may I have a bit of earth" because that's so odd, and running stirring Mary's blood. But I don't remember Mary herself at all, not her name, nor her being spoiled orphan from India.

And as lj:bemused_leftist said, it follows a similar total non-violence, not even dinner-threatening, pattern. Though a servant does think Colin might have been improved with a thrashing.

Of course, the book does have rather higher levels of emotional abandonment to deal with, in fact such dealing is most of the book. _Heidi_ kind of cheats; we're told the Alm-Uncle is an ogre, but he's instantly good with and obedient to Heidi, no prolonged melting of the long-frozen heart.

It's also not the same physical book. Not just different illustrations, but a different format, so tactile memory has nothing to go on. Still, you'd I'd recognize more of the plot... not sure I read Secret Garden more than once, though.

What's now chafing me is that I remembered a fourth book (Adventures of Remi, not in local libraries, is the third) which I remember little about now, not even the title. It had actual magic though, and little fairies growing in flowers, or maybe bottles, in a greenhouse. And a wood somewhere. And, erm, that's it. I associate 'sparrow' with it for no known reason. Searching does nothing; I'm hoping my sister shared the book and remembers.

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May. 5th, 2012 07:04 pm (UTC)
Googling for "Adventures of Remi" brings up some movies and some copies of the paper book, but none readable online.

May. 5th, 2012 07:15 pm (UTC)
And Wikipedia doesn't even mention it, though it does list film adaptations of Sans Famille.

http://www.amazon.com/The-Adventures-Remi-Windermere-Series/dp/B00085ZDEA translation originally published in 1925, which is this side of the public domain threshold of 1923. Dunno about real status. Of course so much bigger stuff gets pirated...
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