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Food of the Gods^WDogs

I've seen people talk about the hierarchy of chocolate quality, with Hershey on the bottom, one step above "dirt" or "chalk". Or maybe not above. I'd never been that sensitive, but I haven't eaten much Hershey's.

Well, tonight I'd finished a couple of bars of Endangered Species chocolate (no, I didn't eat two whole bars; I tend to have multiple flavors which I nibble on over days, and happened to finish both off) and decided to open a Mr. Goodbar I'd gotten free from Gamer's Guild (someone using up his mealpoints in donations to the Guild.)

BLEAHCH. It was not appetizing, apart from being sweet. A gritty texture seems the biggest thing I can articulately charge it with, but it felt crappy. Of course, it was milk chocolate with peanuts, and I've been eating dark (or white) chocolate, and I knew it was Hershey's -- hardly a blind controlled test. Still, I think I can imagine good milk chocolate with peanuts, and that wasn't it.

So I threw it out and opened a couple more bars to clean out my mouth.

Tangentially, a bowl of miso is suprisingly filling.



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May. 1st, 2006 02:46 pm (UTC)
so you know how the complaint always used to be that american chocolate tasted too waxy, and in fact, if you looked at the ingrediants list it did say "caruba wax" (or some such thing)

it doesn't say that anymore, and you don't hear about american chocolate tasting waxy.

guess what it says now? (presumably instead)? lactose. they all use lactose as a filler now: hershies, nestles etc...

(smiles) which leaves me feeling somewhat intolerant of main stream american chocolate.
May. 2nd, 2006 03:59 am (UTC)
*fishes in trash*
*compares ingredients*
Why, you're right. Lactose and milk and milkpowder (nonfat). Well, I guess it was milk chocolate.
While Green&Black has little besides sugar, chocolate, soy lecithin, and vanilla. And cocoa nibs.
Everything has soy lecithin for an emulsifier.
The G&B white chocolate has whole milk powder, but tastes really really good. Extra vanilla, maybe.

I guess there's also some factor of quality of the cocoa itself, or how it's prepared, not captured by the ingredients.
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