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Huh, I just found that the farmer's market has been open from 8-1pm this year, not 7-noon. Effect of Indiana going onto DST, I assume. The Oct/Nov market is open 9-1 instead of 9-noon. Produce is mostly squash, some boxy tomatoes, and greens I don't eat. My usual grass-fed beef sources weren't there, but a new one was, Padgett Farms. Lots of egg sources but I've got over a dozen in the fridge. Honey, elk. Also a soup tasting on the side, with samples from various restaurants or inns (like the Grant Street Inn; can you go in there to dine?) I didn't see any locals I recognized, though a girl at the tasting looked a lot like mrs_feltner back in her brunette days.

Last night I finally went to Baked. I feel my cookies weren't as good as Insomnia's, but it's not a controlled test -- perhaps butterscotch chips weren't such a great idea. Insomnia doesn't let you specify your own cookie types or get nuts. It does let you buy *one cookie* as opposed to a meal's worth.

Also last night I had the most gratuitously awesome Catan game. Was 2nd to place, but got an almost ideal setup: all the major numbers except 4 (replaced by a 3), and good access to all 5 types (the 3 was on wood, which I had on a better number as well.) The dice were screwy only to rolling a lot of 12s, but otherwise balanced, I didn't get robbered much, and my first two dev cards were road building and year of plenty. Rolled to victory under 50 minutes, with 7 points on board, longest road, and two victory point cards since after building my winning settlement or city I went and bought another dev card or two, because I just had that many resources. Even enough to trade 3-1 for a final card I needed, though Josh-4 was nice about trading me wheat at strategic times.

Of course, such a game for me suggests a really crappy game for someone else, and anima got totally locked in. Her not robbering me might have been partly due to a prior gift of Injury Sympathy Truffles, but perhaps also to let the game end more quickly. The Joshes had less excuse.

I felt like I did when I edited the Civilization map of Earth to turn Antarctica into shield+river tiles, and quietly built up until I could storm the Musketeers of the world with Stealth Bombers and Helicopters; there's this flush of "HAH I CRUSH YOU" triumph which feels good despite being mostly undeserved. Also from playing a beginner at Go and capturing the entire board. "Oh, very nice, an experienced 10 kyu crushed a 35 kyu[1] baby. Feeling proud of yourself?" "Not really, but there's still a visceral 'hah' at seeing the all-white board."

[1] kyu ranks are like negative numbers; Go goes from 50 or 30 kyu up to 1 kyu, then flips to 1 dan up to 6 or 9 dan. Every rank is a handicap stone, though it's not clear if that continues linearly to the 20+ stones I could be giving a beginner, since people usually don't play more than 9-stone handicaps. If the difference is that big it's time for a teaching game, though I've heard of a couple massive handicap games.


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