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I feel like pimping webcomics again

My big list is here, but we can filter that better.

Science fiction:

* Schlock Mercenary. Daily strips, colored -- it's like a newspaper strip on steroids. Space opera with a lot of gradual exploration of the effects of new technologies: new transportation, legally suppressed biotech, rogue AIs. Also Dyson balloons and some well-used time travel, and it takes a lot to get me to appreciate time travel.

* Freefall. MWF strips. Alien, robot, and uplifted wolf engineer on a colony world. Varies between pretty silly (like right now) to deep probing of the developing ethics of engineered beings like robots and uplifts. Not reading it for the detailed art.

Mad science, especially with smartgirls:

* Girl Genius. MWF pages from the famous Phil Foglio. An alternate Earth where Mad Science! works and rules the world, about as poorly as you'd expect from a bunch of superpowered Asperger's cases who can make their own people in lieu of having people skills.

* Gunnerkrigg Court. MWF pages. A very smart and unusual girl in a boarding school -- mostly science, some magic -- for very smart children. I have no idea where it's supposed to be. Ignore the authorial comments beneath the comics, those tend to be inane.

* Miracle of Science. Completed. Has a 20 page fight scene which bored me, but otherwise was fun. Mad Science as a mental disorder, Mars as taken over by Conjoiners.

Funky stuff with elves:

* Inverloch. Completed. Kind of bog-standard fantasy, but cute. Nice art, in a clean style.

* The Midlands. A bunch of alternate worlds where humans had started mutating into elves, who were basically magically immortal humans. Nice portrayal of being an elf -- or half-elf? -- while living through industrial revolutions. Suddenly stopped and started over as Heliothaumic, about which, ehhh... Irregular schedule, too.

* Errant Story. MWF pages. OMG so good. Well, so addicting to me. Elves as immortals with ubiquitous magic fading into technology, half-elves as hybrids typically with the elvish magical persistence. The good part is that, as should happen with hybrids, sometimes they're rather defective -- which can't be fixed, because of the magical persistence field from their elvish side. Much unfolds from this. Hard for me to say why I like it so much, I think it must be the characters and dialogue; the worldbuilding doesn't seem that extraordinary by itself.


* Order of the Stick. Random pages. D&D stick figures. Awesome charactes and plot.

* XKCD. Math/computer nerd strips. Often very good. Initial batch not so much.

* Cheshire Crossing. Whole issues every six months or so. Alice, Wendy, and Dorothy are collected and have adventures. Like Alan Moore, but less porn.



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