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Mar. 24th, 2008

"Hey Dawkins, shut up!"

Expelled! showings being cancelled?

The Shrill One talks about the incident, and the movie. (Long web page, but most of that is comments.) Summary: the movie and its makers lie a lot. Disingenuous presentation of the interviewees. Probably lies about being magnanimous toward Dawkins, rather than not being able to see his name. Having purchased the Expelled domain name back when they were telling interviewees like Myers and Dawkins that the movie would be called Crossroad.

Cosmic Variance discusses, and also talks about the whole "framing" debate.

What Matt and Chris (seemingly) fail to understand is that PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins are not trying to be successful politicians, persuading the largest number of people to come over to their side. They have no interest in being politicians. They are critics, and their goal is to say correct things about the world and argue against incorrect statements. Of course, they would certainly like to see evolution rather than creationism taught in schools, and ultimately they would be very happy if all of humanity were persuaded of the correctness of their views. But their books and blogs about science and religion are not strategic documents designed to bring about some desired outcome; they are attempts to say true things about issues they care about. Telling them “Shut up! You’ll offend the sensibilities of people we are trying to persuade!” is like talking to a brick wall, or at least in an alien language. You will have to frame things much better than that.

Heh, as someone notes, Dawkins 'shrilly' says "So all that stuff about allowing me to attend because I have handled myself fairly honourably is almost certainly dishonourable spinning." which last two words seem a rather polite euphemism for lying.

Also priceless is a description of Ben Stein burying his face in his hands at being told about Dachau.


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