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Speaking of tastes

I reserve the right to edit this post in the indefinite future, as I think of new things, it's basically a crystallization (well, spew) of musings I've had for a while. I suppose a web page would be more logical.

Life-defining tastes I don't have to share: Douglas Adams, Pratchett, science fiction/fantasy in general, Buffy, Firefly, Lem's Cyberiad, Feynman's autobiographies. Not that all my friends are into all of them, but they're pretty common. Babylon-5 was defining back at Caltech, but seems rarer now, not sure if that's age or B-5 not being all that good in retrospect. OTOH anime in a general sense is very common in my local circles and probably scarce among my older Tech friends, except Fanw's been watching Cowboy Bebop and maybe Miyazaki?

Tastes I've had and shared, or tried to, or had shared with me: P. C. Hodgell (from roommate, spread as much as I could), followed by McKinley's Sunshine (Barbara put me onto McKinley, I've been spreading Sunshine). Fanw roped me into Buffy, I roped Liz. mlc23 got me into weightlifting, and one of us got the other into Andrew Tobias's The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need. Michael Pollan's going around, though I don't remember the causal links; he might even be in the first category.

Tastes that seem to be just me, or one other person: Tech-Sarah introduced me to filk, and fanw accidentally re-introduced me by singing the Horse-Tamer's Daughter, but the latter was a one-off and I'm mostly unique among my friends. Except I think saganhawk may have some too, an issue never deeply probed. Honestly, I'm used to being all alone in my musical tastes. Grew up with parental classical, latched onto Steeleye Span, which Lisa had as well but she's gone, I got into Celtic in general which Caitlin shared, but she's far away. Friends like John knew about my filk interest but nothing really got shared, and I don't even try... but maybe someone here would appreciate Meg Davis.

Parents gave me Calvin Trillin, and I didn't even think to try to share it for a long time, though now akashiver got given the Tummy Trilogy and lyceum's borrowed Uncivil Liberties. It's a big part of the shared family humor. The Taste of America by John and Karen Hess, was another parental one -- a book on the degradation of the American palate over the centuries. I got Blake, the food snob/gourmet in our San Fran circle, to get it, but that's it. Sarah and I shared C. J. Cherryh, and later Lois Bujold, I think both passing from her to me like the filk. We both liked the children's book The Griffin and the Minor Canon -- I used my knowledge of that to make her pay attention to me as a real person, not just another freshman bugging the junior. :) My parents gave me Oscar Williams's collection of English verse, which I lent to her, then had to buy a replacement for because she wouldn't let it go. I think she introduced me to Griffin and Sabine, or John did both of us? and I used that as gifts to my mother for a while. anima latched onto Lud-in-the-Mist, which I knew only from the SF library at Caltech. John and I shared Amber and Books of Swords interests, though he kept not branching out to Empire of the East. Shared Doom as well, including mastering odd weapons in it (him, the shotgun; me the chainsaw, or the rocket launcher with the ammo cheat), and Star Control II. ("Frungy, the sport of kings!") No one close played nethack, though some newer people have, as did my girlfriend here.

Then there's all the popular music, movies, and computer game interests that other people have and I don't. :) I still haven't seen Real Genius, official movie of Caltech...



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May. 12th, 2008 01:58 am (UTC)
I really started with Miyazaki (if you don't count Robotech, back in the mists of my childhood.) I've now seen Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. I've also seen Ghosts in the Shell. I'm moving on to Cowboy Bebop (though I've been thwarted by an unreadable DVD). So, I'm kind of doing what I do with sci-fi ... being very selective, but enjoying it!
May. 12th, 2008 03:08 am (UTC)
Huh, I don't remember knowing you'd grown up with Robotech, like me. Back when I was sneaking down to watch Saturday morning cartoons before my parents got up.

I think I've seen more of Miyazaki by now, including all three of those. Also Whispers of the Heart, which might have been a relative, or the studio but not him. Totoro, Nausicaa (also read the original manga). Saw Ghost in the Shell and the :Innocent sequel, not the the series yet.

There's a new Macross series now (Macross being the original for Robotech.) Same themes of mecha and bad pop singers.
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