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misc items

* Propane depot explosion in Toronto (Youtube)

* lyceum and her boy and I went to Mandalay for non-buffet lunch. Mandalay fritters: made with red beans, decent, not too special. I had fried rice with Burmese sausage; also decent, a bit bland, but it wasn't marked as spicy so I'm not surprised. They had chicken with mango pickle; I got to try the chicken, which was quite tasty. I also had Burmese iced coffee; what's unusual here is that the ice comes on a place, with the glass starting with a small layer of condensed milk and a small layer of strong coffee dripping down from a small maker. So you get to see how little liquid there really is in these things... I only added a bit of ice, so I got it pretty strong.

* Then she took me to Lowe's since both of us have lost the spare copies of my housekey. There'd been griping about 3 million keys all looking the same. They have rubber colored things you can put around key handles to distinguish them, though she says they die. They have key tag attachments which you can use for labelling, though they take up room. They also have key blanks with fancy patterns on them, so she now has a camouflage key, and I have a spare tie-dye key. Also, both keys worked beautifully, unlike the ones I had made at the Kirkwood hardware store (which was closed on Sunday, thus Lowe's.) Now to just avoid losing my bright new spare...

* I've borrowed saganhawk's eee for the trip. It came with Xandros Linux, which seemed like a poor version of Windows XP. It now has Ubuntu on it, which makes me happy. I've finally figured out how to make the top and bottom panels go off the desktop. It took me a year, and Googling, to discover right-click -> Properties on the panel. I feel stupid; *everything* has right-click Properties.

* Border's has a new kind of Lindt truffle ball, light blue wrapper. I thought it said something like Bruciellatta, wikipedia says Stracciatella which doesn't fit. I'm full of fried rice, so haven't had mine yet, and didn't ask lyceum what it tasted like. (edit: whatever it's called, it's white chocolate with little colored bits in it.)


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Aug. 13th, 2008 06:46 pm (UTC)
*waves* It was great meeting you. We need to hang out again before you leave!
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