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I've been good!

No political posts for a week! So now you pay. Much old news by now, perhaps.

* William Weld, R-governor of Massachusetts, endorses Obama. Also the Financial Times, an Alaskan newspaper, Chuck Hagel, and best of all, McCain's former adviser and Reagan's Solicitor General, Charles Fried, because of Palin.

* New GOP strategy: all the other Republicans are going to lose, so vote for *me* for balance.
* 81% of Americans say US is on the wrong track. 79% have made spending cutbacks in recent years... and that's from April.
* Sarah Palin, dismisser of fruit fly research in genetics. Hitchens.
* GOP voter intimidation
* Palin calls Texas Alaska's little sister state. I like tweaking Texas, but I wonder if that was politic.
* Call center workers find McCain's attack messages on Obama to be too much, and walk off.
* College-age attendees expelled from McCain rally for being "potentially disruptive", which in context may have meant "young".
* Mutually offensive electoral map

* Doesn't the bible say something about a golden calf? Not to mention Mammon. Photo of prayer to the bronze bull.
* ACLU alarm about search rights being suspended for 2/3 of the population -- those of us near the coast or border.
* More drug raid atrocities.
* Australian plans for a Great Firewall of censorship.
* Hindu anti-Christian violence, fueled by Hindu militant politics, and economic competition
* Media distortions of crime trends
* Teaching science in Florida (Pharyngula)
* Reclaiming the Massachusetts liberal. Like Sam Adams.
* Slay the Lust Dragon -- find a band of brothers. "Watch my back guys, make sure I don't do anything heterosexual." (anima-mechanique's spin)
* Obama: slightly more liberal than Joe Lieberman, at least going by progressive organization ratings. OTOH McCain's really among the most conservative Senators.

* Magnetic field of Mars news
* Sexual structures of Sambian society
* Christian communism -- long pre-dating Marx. Came up because of an LJ guy insisting that "spread the wealth" was "Marxian".
* Medieval gay marriage -- "brotherment"
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-speed_rail -- fun reading
* Emergency room ethic
* God loves atheists. Cheap and self-congratulatory, but hey.
* Atlas of the Real World -- various maps, or cartographs really.

Also, Leela is the best companion. (We just watched the Horror of Fang Rock.)


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Nov. 2nd, 2008 06:14 am (UTC)
* William Weld, R-governor of NH, endorses Obama.

Weld is a former governor of Massachusetts, not current governor of NH.
Nov. 2nd, 2008 07:17 am (UTC)
Oops, thanks!
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