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activating AT&T DSL with Ubuntu Linux

This one's mostly for the search engines.

My Insight/Comcast cablemodem has not been all that reliable, with various random outages and promises to send a technician a week later (though to be fair, the outages mysterious stop, also at the source, despite what the tech support said on the phone.) I got fed up and ordered ATT DSL... a month ago, and finally got around to activating it. This is a bit non-trivial, especially with Linux instead of Windows or a Mac; phone tech support said they wouldn't support it. And I don't even have their software to run under Wine, probably because I already had a modem and said so, and they never sent me a kit.

Inputs: one Ubuntu laptops, one 2Wire modem+wireless route from AT&T 1.5 years ago.
Preliminary Procedure:
1. Plug in modem. Observe flashing red "DSL" light.
2. Call tech support. Spend 40 minutes, much of it on hold in stages. Eventually get a diagnosis that my line had problems, with someone sent out the next day; also get an IP address for the modem.
3. Have technician come fix the line; modem is now green. Technician gives further instructions, not being fazed by Linux.

Actual procedure:
Using Firefox, go to https://sbcreg.sbcglobal.net
Try getting past the initial registration page; fail, because the Next button doesn't work. Per Internet rumor, download Konqueror and try again.

1. Using Konqueror, go to https://sbcreg.sbcglobal.net
2. Try registering with e-mail address printed on my bill; give up, and go with option 2, using the High Speed Internet (HSI) number on my bill (I don't have phone with AT&T.)
3. Go through fairly intuitive pages.
4. Worry as, once I seem to be almost done, the next button stops working.
5. Optimistically, go to (note: different IP than my cablemodem uses.) Futz around the menus, in particular setting the AT&T/Yahoo username and password I'd created on the SBC page. Also the wireless name and mode and password. In the process use the System Key in brackets on a label on the modem. This may have been complicated by my modem having been used before.
6. Profit! Both my computers are on the net.

I don't know if that was perfectly helpful, but it should at least confirm it's possible, with one example of website and IP address. Oh, and this is in Indiana.



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Dec. 11th, 2008 02:14 am (UTC)
The AT&T setup for DSL is kind of a bitch in Linux. Nice to hear Konqueror gets through enough of it to work.
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