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* Subsidies to foreign car companies in the South. Where's your free market and failed business model now? Well, still valid, but a bit weaker. And those are cash handouts, not the loans Detroit is asking for.
* The Kerala model of development, aka "When the Communists finally got it right". Old news, current article. Some comments dispute.
* Doctors Without Borders -- for the USA. (Actually Remote Area Medicine, not DWB, but same basic thing. Free health camps, and poor people traveling long distance and waiting long times to get it.)
* More US health insurance horror stories. Oops your company is bankrupt and you don't have insurance and you can't get COBRA even if you could afford $12,000 a year while unemployed.

* Forced marriage of British citizens. From RichardDawkins.net
* Bad times boost evangelical churches.
* Psychic channels Richard Dawkins's father. Pity he's still alive.
* Atheism: A legacy worth fighting for

* Monarchy in fantasy.
* The 10 Doctors webcomic. Suboptimal navigation.
* Kimball Kinnison and the Zwilniks of Doom

* The Hajj makes Muslims more tolerant. Or at least Pakistanis; paper notes feminist improvement might be regression to a mean. Rare example of a natural control in the social sciences.
* Failure and lies in Iraq reconstruction. So much for success.

* Economics and climate, the cost of cold. Real links in the comments.
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