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Whee, lots of links. I'll italicize the more important ones. BTW, for Bloomingtonians, we have a new Japanese place: Z&C on Kirkwood, near Uncle Fester's. Seems to be trying to balance "fast" and "fresh", seems decent.


* 109 year-old freedman's daughter got to vote for Obama

* Been going around: how cities hurt your brain. Constant attention-grabbing input tiring the brain. Natural scenes calm and relax, though 'savannah' seems less helpful than plant diversity. Skeptics elsewhere noted that it helps that we don't any stress about things trying to eat us.
* How technology can change the brain (pay article), including "continuous partial attention" tiring it. Most of the issue is free and good reading.
* Time-sharing spider brain
* Blood glucose levels and self-control. I always felt self-control and willpower should be free software toggles, not fluid resources that get used up... despite all practical evidence. This might be the science behind it.
The varieties of animal intelligence
Honeybee intelligence and consciousness.

Warning: New Scientist
* Unexpectedly large grain size of space?
* How fiction can boost empathy; fiction as social simulation.
* Parkinson's Law and committee sizes

* Stross on the Lovecraftian Singularity
* Pelosi rickrolls the US with a cute Capitol Cat Cam.

Depth (poor name)
* Articles on Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers. Guerrillas with an air force and navy.
* Anesthesiologists and addiction; they get addicted more than other doctors. Access? Maybe, but pharmacists don't suffer so much... personality? Maybe. But there's also an idea that drugs get breathed out by the patient, and the anesthesiologist is hovering right there to keep track of things.
* Prostitution legality by country
* What's worse than suicide bombing
* Argument ad effigem. Interesting perspective.
* Krugman's babysitting co-op model of recessions. Pass on to the next anti-Keynesian you meet.
More cartograms!
Israel and Palestinian land, and I never appreciated just how small the Gaza strip is.

Zompist essays
* Review of the 20th century, the triumph of liberalism, and 'consie' resurgence
* Similarities between progressives (as opposed to liberals) and the religious right
* Poor in the Bible
* Chinese Room: stupid
* Bush's legacy: the failure of New Orleans
* The New Deal
* Fascism vs. Bush
* What's wrong with libertarianism

News and Politics
* Australian writer jailed for 'insulting' Thai monarchy
* Obama vs. Thomas
* Eyeglasses for the world's poor. And IQ (via iodized salt).
* Dark side of life at Google
* Big Indian outsourcing financial scandal.
* Science censorship in Harper's Canada
* Abortion donuts
* Mexico becoming a failed state due to drug violence?
* High real unemployment?
* The lost economic decade
* Interrogation that works. Tip: not torture.
* Chris Hitchens on Rick Warren
* Mark Driscoll, neo-Calvinist. An RPG.net comment called Calvinism the Warhammer 40K of religions.


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