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* Obama backs gay rights at the UN
* Human evolution in high gear, John Hawks again, plus others.
* Nazi anti-American poster. I think this is what a Fair Folk behemoth looks like.
* Steven Pinker on infanticide. Old.
* Haldane's On Being the Right Size. "A horse splashes."

* Economic records. I liked a comment further down: "Free markets don't work. Competition works, and that is the point and role of government regulation: to preserve competition." I'd say there are other points to regulation as well (externalities!) but preserving competition -- free markets have a tendency to monopolize -- is a good one.
* Scalzi on the GOP and Obama
* I spent hours reading old entries at philosophyetc, such as this, this, this, and this.

* GM is apparently killing the Saturn, and maybe Saab, but also the Hummer. So I'm told; I don't care enough to google.
* US has fewer cars per capita than other countries?. One suggestion elsewhere was economic inequality, and more Americans who can't afford any cars; another was that the data doesn't count all the minivans and SUVs.
* US high speed rail corridor designations. Note the lack of connection: Seaboard to Florida or the Midwest, Midwest to Texas, Texas to the Gulf/Seaboard. Of course, AFAICT none of this has been built anyway, apart from the blue line in the NE.

* The French and TV ads
* Dying on camera
* Bristol Palin: abstinence isn't realistic.
* How ads are like porn
* Post-racial America
* Ann Coulter defends racist group


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Feb. 20th, 2009 03:44 pm (UTC)
1) Map seems to be designations, not built track, outside of the blue NE; I'll edit.

2) Not having a feel for the proper density or reach of high-rail, that actually wasn't my first thought. Tennessee gets skipped, as TN and KY do by Amtrak; the geography might have something to do with that. Otherwise most states that aren't The West get touched, at least.
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