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* That commie rag The Economist calls for higher taxes on the rich, suggests a financial-transactions tax, and various pragmatic and moral justifications. Actually it's a hosted debate, I'm not sure if the Economist is taking a stand, though "this house..." suggests that. Proposer is from CPER, a rare progressive think-tank; defender is a professor at the Paris School of Economics, the attacker is from Cato, one of the right-wing's hydra of think-tanks.
* The trials of having only $250,000 a year (probably an ephemeral link)

* Torture memo fun: NYTimes, and long term effects.
* The pirate economy: Why the US Navy can't win
* 10 year anniversay: the myths of Columbine

* Christianity Today article defending belief in God; I link to page 2 for the lols. The article starts by claiming a renaissance of Christian philosophy... and starts with a poor form of the cosmological argument. Page 3 invokes Roger Penrose as supposedly launching "powerful arguments against any appeal to a multiverse as a way of explaining away fine-tuning." but does not even hint as to the arguments. Then the moral argument, and the ontological argument. "Most philosophers would agree that if God's existence is even possible, then he must exist."

* 1960s D&D. Pretty awesome.
* Roman socks with sandals. The article makes fun of them, rather than wondering if sartorial fashion maybe isn't a universal absolute.

* Cheap solar methane?


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Apr. 21st, 2009 12:28 am (UTC)
Of course the use of force can resolve the Somali pirate problem. But it has to be applied properly, with an aim of denying the pirates bases. Ports currently basing pirates need to be attacked and their ships all sunk and port facilities destroyed; ports considering basing pirates need to be informed that if they do so, they will be the next to be destroyed. And the motive for piracy (wealth, social status, family success) needs to be eliminated through the deliberate destruction of pirate homes, seizure of assets, and arrests and imprisonments made as publicly and humiliatingly as possible. One former pirate's family seen starving in the streets next to the charred ruins of their homes will discourage ten other would-be pirates.

Will Obama do this? Probably not, but that's Obama's weakness. Not the US military's.
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