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Star Trek: the Plot Holes


Big stupid:

* The drill is stoppable first by small arms fire, and then by a (admittedly advanced) personal craft, yet neither Vulcan nor Earth can defend themselves. Yes, the future ship is advanced, but *shoot at the drill*.
* True, Nero extracts Pike's codes for Earth's defense grid. That just makes a new plot hole.
* Nero just hung around for 25 years, waiting for Spock to emerge from somewhere? Or hoping?
** Reportedly there's explanatory backstory in a prequel comic, with Nero in a Klingon brig. It's one thing to add depth, but key story information shouldn't be lost in another medium. This probably extends to the entire Federation fleet being drawn off somewhere, so that Vulcan was defended by cadets.
* 6/7 of whom died at Vulcan, never to be mentioned or mourned for again by their fellow cadets. Green Orion chick? Dead, just like all the other female characters except Uhura.
* Kirk's promoted to First Officer just like that?
* Kirk gets captaincy of a flagship just like that? Sure, he pulled off some nice stunts; he also has no extended command experience whatsoever. No tour of duty, no time as a department head.
* Nero strands OldSpock rather than keeping him onboard to watch his reactions.
* ...strands him near a Federation outpost, close enough to *see Vulcan*.
* ...which he doesn't go to to warn anyone.
* Spock maroons Kirk, who by coincidence runs into OldSpock.
* And then OldSpock gets to run into young Scotty. Who hadn't noticed that a nearby planet just got destroyed. Okay, he was drunk and indoors and comms were down.
* "supernova threatening the galaxy". Supernovas don't work that way.
* If we grant them a hypernova or neutron star collision or gamma ray burst... radiation still doesn't work that way. Lightspeed, remember? Reportedly, backstory involves Spock warning the Romulan council but not being taken seriously in time, despite the ability to go in a warp ship and go look at the radiation front years away.
** Unless it was the Romulans' own star blowing up, but a good story doesn't need me to rationalize things away for it.
* I quote someone: "If the explosion had already occurred, dropping a large black hole into the center would have been like closing the barn door after the horses had left. The blast and radiation were already out."
* Nero destroying Vulcan doesn't save Romulus; if anything it does the obvious. Hopefully he at least warned them so they could evacuate later, or gave them blueprints for Spock's device.

Little stupid:
* Those are some mighty big animals running around a frozen wasteland. One of which didn't have fur. And then went after the tiny human morsel rather than the big thing it had just killed.
* Scotty being beamed into a water pipe. Because there wasn't enough action tension, you know. This is what I map to the crumbling-bridge scene in the Fellowship of the Ring movie.
* Romulans don't believe in safety rails in their giant intraship chasms. Admittedly that's a standard trope. Stupid every time. At least the Federation shuttle had, gasp, seat belts.
* Ejecting warp cores to escape from a black hole. Being that close in the first place.
* George Kirk had an awful long time to collide with the Narada before being shot to bits. Not that he seems to have done much damage. Unlike Spock's little ship... admittedly that had strange red matter on it.
* Vulcan is now minutes away at warp speed.
* The movie name is just "Star Trek"? No subtitle? That's not confusing. Or dull. Or a bit arrogant for something that's flushing continuity (and Vulcan) down the toilet.

Mild criticism
Harsher criticism
Roger Ebert, who gives more signs of knowing science than ST's writers ever have.


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May. 10th, 2009 06:23 pm (UTC)

when I sit through a big screen movie, I think oooh, game tie in, oooh, that will look pretty on a shelf, its not so much the story anymore but the merchandising.
Feb. 15th, 2012 08:44 pm (UTC)
plot holes
I I avoided this film just to spare myself from agonizing over all the inevitable plot holes, until I caught it on TV recently. Yes, I agree, number 1 (and 2 ) plot holes are why 6 billion Vulcans and whatever the population of Earth didn't lift a finger to shoot down the drills themselves.

The supposed backstory of Spock's unheeded warning to the Romulans of their impending doom sounds too much like Superman without Jor-El, though Spock Classic(tm) effectively took on that role after his "rebirth," itself a plot device stolen from 2001 sans true enlightenment.

Spock crying like a baby over his mommy. He's the star pupil at the Academy: Did Luke Skywalker succumb to the Dark Side because his father was Vader? Did Tom Cruise's "Maverick" quit because his friend Goose died? Come to think of it, this Kirk is too much like that Maverick.
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