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November 22nd, 2018

SCAish Thanksgiving

In Boston I used to go to vegetarian Thanksgivings organized by the acetarium crowd. That seems to have faded, but last year there was a filk Thanksgiving. Or maybe just a filk meeting near Thanksgiving with appropriate food, I forget. This year, my early attendance of SCA dance practice without being in SCA paid off again, as I went to something held by someone I know there. Twas fun. So much food, though with like 16 people the turkey got demolished and I didn't get as much dark meat as I wanted. (I could have taken a whole drumstick, as the last person served, but I didn't feel up to it.)

So many desserts, multiple kinds of pecan pie, super sweet brittle... "maple pie" which was like pie crust with maple goop in it.

I've never had a Thanksgiving side dish in my repertoire, and being in a new Airbnb place isn't good for being comfortable cooking, so I brought a couple packages of nice sausage. They didn't evaporate but did mostly go away, so that works.

So cold. My outfit apparently isn't proof against -10 C and wind. But soon it should be up to 10 C.

On the way home I missed Downtown Crossing due to re-reading Celebrimbor+Annatar fanfic. I found the Park to Downtown corridor hinted at on maps so I didn't have to go outside. It's kind of neat: the walls and pillars are painted orange and green, such that you mostly see orange if you're facing the Orange Line, and ditto for the Green. There's also a bit of Red on the Orange end which is weird -- Red actually is at both stations. And a wee bit of blue, for no good reason; maybe someone ran out of paint.

Back at home, I am sadly reminded that I can walk more quietly in boots than some adults do barefoot.

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