March 16th, 2019


DC metro pfft

Wanted to go to a museum today, got to the station, found that on the weekend the Orange and Silver run every 22-24 minutes. Worse, today the Silver wasn't running east of Ballston, so I didn't get the usual overlap effect. 22 minutes! For a subway! On a Saturday afternoon! Really, now.

The Red Line that loops through DC seemed to be better, like every 12 minutes, which still isn't great.

Mostly did a lot of walking through Arlington neighborhoods today.

Ballston: lame
Rosslyn: almost but not quite dead
Courthouse: not bad, had cheap good Pho, passed interesting coffeehouses.
Clarendon: yeah that's the ticket.

Weird mix of lots of construction and lots of "opening soon" restaurants. Like the racist mall[1] food court was half "opening soon".

I may have passed a very pink cherry tree, so I need to look those up now. Hoping to get a better flower viewing experience was part of why I came down.

[1] "No low-riding pants allowed."

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