April 7th, 2019


More DC stuff

Thursday I went to the Tidal Basin again. Not nearly as insane as last Saturday, and I had a good time, with lots of photos I haven't sorted through yet. I walked clockwise around the whole basin, taking in the Jefferson and FDR memorials this time.

Saturday I was in the area -- getting off at Smithsonian -- but going back to museums, hitting the Freer/Sackler museum of Asian art. Also snooping in and around the Smithsonian Castle a bit.

Today I explored Alexandria's Old Town, before meeting a friend for dinner, it was decent. Wouldn't feel compelled to live there; friend does probably because of her job in Naval Harbor, which is otherwise pretty painful to get to.

Last Sunday I'd seen Captain Marvel with her, which I guess I never mentioned here.

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Captain Marvel

As mentioned, I saw it last Sunday. It was pretty fun. I actually saw it 1.4 times: the projector died after an hour, but we got into another showing almost right after.

Late night
Fast and furious, no color, testosterone poisoning
Dark Phoenix
Missing link
Spider man far from home
Frozen ii, no words
Avengers endgame. One scene of green trees. Alternate versions?

The color notes are because I look out for the whole teal and orange thing. Though I forgot partway through Marvel. It started out that way, was greener on Earth, and then I stopped paying attention to that.

I usually see one movie a year that's not while visiting my friend for Christmas, guess I got it out of the way early this year. (Last year was Black Panther, a showing in my office building.)

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