May 15th, 2019


Black Stallion Revolts and Ghost

I finished Revolts. Farley is really good at writing thrillers. A friend's daughters get very excited watching tense movies or episodes, especially the youngest girl, even when they know the plot and outcome; youngest will get up to shake out tension, or hide from the TV, or cling to mother for comfort. I felt a lot like that reading this book, having to put down the book because eeeeeee. This despite the fact that if you describe the plot baldly, it's a ridiculous concatenation of unlikely setbacks.

Oh, and the plane did crash, but *not* because of the storm! Well played, Farley.

I'm currently reading the Black Stallion's Ghost, which I'm sure I did read, because I doubt there are two novels in the series with the Everglades, sawgrass, Seminoles, and twisted icons. I still recall nothing of the plot.

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