May 20th, 2019


On Game of Thrones

Beginning of Game of Thrones: psychological and political realism plus magic.

Ending of Game of Thrones: fanservicey wrap up that a fairy tale would be ashamed of.

(Or fan *dis*service, given the ratings.)

Disclaimer: I haven't been watching the show normally, I read re-caps and see scenes on Youtube. Which means I miss details and much of the fine acting. OTOH it also means that fine acting can't distract me from a shitty plot.

Spoilers for the last two episodes: Collapse ) has been fascinating to watch. Audience rating fo the whole season was 45% a week ago. It had fallen to 39% right before the last episode, dipped down to 38%, and now 37%. No audience rating of individual episodes, but you can see the critics have had collapsing opinions. I suspect the last episode rebound is partly trying to find something good or just plain relief it's over.

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