July 18th, 2019


random Japan cream

W is skeptical that the 100 yen supermarket was actually a 100 yen store; perhaps I saw the sign for A but entered B. I don't care enough to hunt it down, not at 23 C dew points.

An odd thing here is that I have yet to see cream, outside of a cafe that gave me some with my coffee. The stores have some high-fat milks -- 3.7%, 4.3%, even 5.0% -- but nothing higher. Would I know? Well, cream is probably in katakana, and I can read nutrition panels well enough to identify something that has lots of milkfat.

As I was looking at milks today, an old guy offered to help read/translate. I suppose it could have been interesting to take him up on the offer, though I reflexively figured I knew enough. There's a line that's explicitly about % milkfat, and serving size lines about calories/protein/fat that make it pretty clear what I'm getting. Actually, I could have used him in the *yogurt* section... where I did find "bulgarica" or such in katakana, a Lactobacillus bulgaricus yogurt, today. I don't know why they called out that species in particular. I haven't had yogurt in a while, I don't trust my ability to remember the sugar lines. I did see Greek yogurt.

But no cream.

I'd been thinking of soba as particularly high protein. Actually it's not; the enriched white-flour pasta packets have similar protein numbers, which I think are high just because the serving size is high. I do remember reading that soba had more complete protein than wheat. I also did find a soba packet that had twice the protein of the others, but I couldn't tell why.

Less that two weeks left here, and I may have to spend a few days in Tokyo to see a family friend, so I need to watch out for buying excess food.

W and I went to the Q's Kitchen food court last night, where she helped me order some bibimbap, that wasn't nearly as good as the cheap bap in Koreatown a few weeks ago. I'd had a meh meal from Pepper Lunch there too. I'm starting to believe her when she says the food court isn't all that good, though she does get sushi there, and there's a ramen outpost that she took me to another instance of.

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