August 30th, 2019


quick update

I'm in Tokyo now, pushing the boundaries of my visa, and getting to see my mother's first husband B, who moved to Japan decades ago. Then I fly to Brisbane.

In my 2008 visit to Tokyo (tagged 'japantrip1' rather than 'japan' or 'travel', at the moment), I stayed in a hotel on Yasukuni-dori, east of the palace. Now I'm in an Airbnb just south of Yasukuni, west of the palace. Technically in Shinjuku, though 'main' Shinjuku is a 10 minute train ride west.

I see many bikes parked, but fewer in motion than in Osaka, and more that are moving are on the busy roads. This may be because the sidewalks are often jammed. Though I'm probably more central relative to Tokyo than I was in Osaka, so I don't know if this is a city difference or an area-of-city difference.

The shinkansen was fast and not particularly exciting. Kind of like a very very very fast commuter train. Many bathrooms but not the amenities like a cafe/lounge car you'd find on an Amtrak long distance train. Though there were airline style food carts pushed up and down the aisle. There's more room to squeeze past them if needed.

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