October 6th, 2019


traffic lights and online maps

On laptop browser:

Google Maps Brisbane: shows no lights. (Also not on the phone app.)

OSM (Open Street Maps) Brisbane: shows lights, seems accurate near me.

Google Maps Osaka: does show lights.

OSM Osaka: does show lights.

Google shows some that OSM doesn't, and I don't recall which is accurate. OSM shows one that Google doesn't, and in that case I'm pretty sure Google is right, I went through there a lot and recall no light.

...Google has Street View, so I can check that there is in fact no light, or wasn't a year ago. I wonder if I can update OSM. ... oh wait, OSM calls it a 'blinker', and now I do see a single light, yellow in one direction and red in the other. Like a power-hungry yield and stop sign combination?

Both show pedestrian overpasses but OSM has better visual contrast.

OSM seems more regular in showing street names... I've often been annoyed by zooming in and out, trying to get Google to tell me what some street, often major, is.

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