October 17th, 2019



Flew in yesterday. Qantas seats were small, 30 inch pitch 17 wide. Tiger and Jetstar supposedly wider at 18, but even more packed at 29 pitch. We got a free meal on a 1.5 hour flight, a half-pastrami sandwich for me and 140 grams of chicken pie (heated) for the guy next to me.

I quickly got an idea why Sydney has higher transit mode share than Brisbane: trains out were 7-8 minutes, 15 after 10 PM, vs. "every 30 minutes and sometimes 15". Central Station has 25 platforms. Base fare is $2.24 on bus, $3.61 train, longer with distance, but there's a daily cap of $16.10, or $50 for a Monday-Sunday 7 day period. Not counting airport fares ($19). $2.80 cap on Sunday, the website says, which is less than a single train fare!

Timetable says my local train runs every 10 minutes to midnight, slowing down a bit to 1:16 AM. Google disagreed.

333 bus runs every 3 minutes, or a bit less, to 11 PM. Other buses seem more like 30 minutes buses.

Intersections are still annoying, I timed 80 seconds to cross with the light. Which is better than Brisbane...

Sydney is on DST, so I have to remember that solar zenith is around 1PM now. Also webcomic update time is now 3PM or later...

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