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November 16th, 2019

Melbourne Nov 16

Most of the trams announce stops like a proper system, but one of the 109s didn't.

I kept having north-facing, meaning sun-catching, Airbnb rooms. This room is finally southwest facing. Not sure if it gets a lot of afternoon sun, I haven't been around, but at least it's not morning or noon.

More Friday

After the Market and dragon tent, had a casual date, talking with a fun woman, about families and dogs and such. She said the buses in Melbourne also don't announce stops. Australia!

Visited St. Paul's Cathedral, which looked rather neat. No photos during a service, and even without that I think they want you to buy a license.

Had some tasty dumplings.

Went to another Meetup event, a Japanese/English exchange. My fear that I don't know enough to get a lot out of it, despite the "all levels welcome", isn't entirely unjustified. Still I learned a bit and met some people. Tried going to drinks afterwards, but the other people were 3 guys and 3 girls pairing off, so I felt like a third wheel and broke off. Extra justification can be that my hosts sleep 9-6 so in theory I should go to bed earlier. This has never happened yet... at least they're quiet in the morning, and I hope I'm stealthy in the night. (As my friend's daughters can attest from many games of 'chase', I'm *quiet* in socks or barefeet, despite my weight -- quieter than much lighter kids who go stomp stomp giggle stomp.)

Unrelated to travel, my eyes keep glazing over when I try to read the D&D 5e SRD rules. I learned on RPG.net that it's not just me.


Took the 96 tram away from the CBD, to St Kilda, actually to the end of the line, and beach. End of line is a nice little carless half-block, full of pedestrians and booming businesses. One stop in is Luna Park, some quaint amusement park apparently modeled on the old Coney Island. I did not go in. Walked along the beach (or boardwalk, socks and sandals don't encourage walking on sand especially if you don't see a shower to wash feet off at), then along St Kilda pier. There's supposed to be a big colony of Little Blue (aka Fairy) penguins, but they're mostly out swimming for fish during the day. I did see two hiding in the rocks, probably molting or young.

Someone told me the curbside parking by Luna Park was $5/hour or $30/day, but when I looked at beach spaces I saw "$13.32" fee, though not sure for how long. By contrast downtown Boston curbside was US$1.25/hour (so like $2 here), unless they've raised it recently.

Yet another Meetup event, another games night, which was lots of fun! More than Thursday's, the organizer is much more friendly and people seemed more social in general. Played three games of Bang! the dice game; I prefer the original card game but it's not terrible. Differences include no way to get a range longer than 2, or to change your range, and no loot from killing outlaws. Then played three games of Hanabi, this time with someone else who'd played it before; we scored 14, 17, and 18. (Thursday we scored 15 and 17.) Another guy there also goes to the Thursday (Gamezilla) event and confirmed that he finds it less friendly, the organizer doesn't do much and people are largely in their own cliques of long-standing tables.

I got asked "so why Melbourne?" which surprised me; I guess she was thinking it doesn't have the nice weather and beaches of Brisbane and Sydney.

At 11 PM the 96 runs every 20 minutes.

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    The block south of me is the 400s, whereas mine has addresses like 17-11.

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    The most systematic way I have is working through a tutorial for the language.

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    Do you have some systematic way of learning a new coding language, or characterizing it for reference as you learn it?
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