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I'm back. Have three weeks of collected links!

Cool or important stuff
* Krugman (and 9 page Kenneth Arrow PDF) on why markets fail at health care.
* Jimmy Carter breaks with Baptists over gender equality. He's for it.
* Yet another article on the plural 'they'. This one is new in describing whom to blame for the idea that it's bad.
* Racial whitewashing of covers.
* House of Representatives size over time
* Creepy vintage ads
* Some people say rich people are fleeing California due to high taxes. They're wrong. A lot of people have been gloating about people leaving California; none have acknowledged California's population perhaps unsustainably in dot-com and housing bubbles.
* Prenatal air pollution lowers IQ. Ah, poor people, getting shafted even before they're born. "Just work harder!"
* Replacement fertility isn't a constant 2.1. It's approximately the reciprocal of (chance of a girl being born)*(chance a girl will survive to average age of maternity). So given 50% ratio but 50% chance of survival, the average woman would have to have 1/(.5*.5)=4 children just to keep the population going. Current numbers go from 2.05 to over 3.
** Decadent liberal countries having more children
* Obama did get more young voters to turn out.
* Law and order in the West Bank. But some people think they should be expelled.
* Bus rapid transit. Speaking of Third World megacity sprawl, it seems to me that much of LA is well-adapted to rapid busways, e.g. there are spare lanes to hijack.
* If you listened to the media, you'd never think Nobel-winning economists worry the stimulus is too small.
* Poland weathering the recession

Krugman/Stiglitz dump
article on Stiglitz
Krugman on it
Newsweek on Krugman
column excerpts
female Japanese 'Krugman'

GOP news
* Another day, another GOP sex scandal. Physical assault is a footnote to sex with an intern. But hey, no gay or wetsuits, so fairly tame for the GOP.
* Senator DeMint exhibits Obama Derangement Syndrome
* The "We're not racist" party strikes again, with Obamacare as witch doctor.
* RNC head Steele: Government can't make jobs, private jobs don't go away
* Data on the dangers of driving with cell phones was suppressed.
* Long term progressive demographics? Though triumphalism feels risky.
* Pat Buchanan: GOP needs more race-baiting.
* Conservative judicial activism. Sidenote: the GOP cries of "judge-made law" always struck me as odd. How do they think our English common law tradition works?
* Cheney and CIA secrecy from Congress

Health and health care
Singer on rationing health care

brain and exhaustion; swishing sugars reduces fatigue
racing cycling can hurt bones
balance training and avoiding ankle strain
short high-stress exercise could work as well for fitness as long

More random
* Greyhound's stations by state shows uniquely few for Indiana given our size. Now I'm really pissed; I'd thought they cut small towns everywhere but compare us to Montana or Wyoming.
* Parody of Greg Egan
* God in state constitutions

* Video game company EA declares open season on bikini booth babes.

* Associated Press trying to get money from headlines

* If Blue Dog Democrats can't vote for health care, what CAN they vote for?

* Advanced graffiti, with Mucha
* Iranian demographics


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Jul. 26th, 2009 07:12 pm (UTC)
* Law and order in the West Bank. But some people think they should be expelled.

If the Palestinian Authority manages to create a viable state capable of suppressing anti-Israeli terrorism, then the better for Palestine, and perhaps their possession of the West Bank could become a good thing. Though I'd still like to see as many of the people responsible for the torture-murders of US diplomats Cleo Noel and George Curtis Moore at the American Embassy in Khartoum in 1973 handed over to American justice, and cannot really wish Palestine well until this is accomplished.
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