January 10th, 2020


Hollywood Jan 10

S wanted her living room back and I didn't have anywhere urgent to go as I look for a new job, so I moved over to a Craigslist sublet in Hollywood for the month. My housemate Alex is a composer from Germany, very pleasant to talk to. Given that S's family has me redefining my scale of possible introversion, that's a nice change.

I've mostly been exploring locally, but I took the Red Line one station over to get to TJ, and a couple stations back today to get home after heading west for a while.

* There are open seats at 5 PM. A subway that isn't standing room only at rush hour?! Feels wrong. It's not like it's super high frequency either, just 10 minute headways (which is pretty slow for rush hour!)

* Audible but not visual stop announcements.

* Line map inside cars but no system maps.

Other notes:

* cheap Thai food; lunch specials for $5.50.

* Barnsdall Art Park, including the LA Municipal Art Gallery, which has an exhibition celebrating loitering.

* I grew up reading various books of essays, e.g. by Lewis Thomas, Loren Eisley, Russell Baker, and others, but haven't read such in a long time. The exhibit suggests The Book of Delights by Ross Gay. What I sampled was interesting, and a black essayist would add a bit of diversity to my reading.

* West eventually brings me into Hollywood 'proper': Walk of Fame, Mann's Chinese, Ripley museum, Madame Tussaud's, etc. A few cosplayers on the sidewalk: Vader, Joker, blue person from Avatar. Lots of Scientology buildings around the area, I guess it probably started in LA?

* A two-story strip mall, which at least makes more efficient use of the parking lot in the middle, though I wonder if it's in violation of the modern parking codes.

* Daiso, basically a 100 yen store. Default price $1.50, but lots of prices in yen, and scaled so that obviously maps to 100 yen. That's with a big import markup, by exchange rate 100 yen is 91 cents right now. They had bottled hojicha though it did not match my memories of Japan.

* Years ago I used to go out for Thai every week with Jane, usually ordering some curry. I never did sort out what kinds of curry were what, and the Web was young and nascent then. Since, I've tended to order basil rice, drunken noodle, larb, or pad thai, and not concerned myself with curries. But they're some of the cheap lunch options, so I finally looked them up, 26 years late...

* This place doesn't have a microwave. I haven't lacked one since some of my stays in Europe. Kind of crimps my usual approach to cooking leafy greens and broccoli, not to mention warming up leftovers.

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