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Mimicking My Fanw, Y Not

50 state meme but with statements not just 'x'. Now with added DC.

'Greyhound' means just passing through on the bus. Sometimes my shoes would have touched the soil. Sometimes not.

3 states at year+. 4-5 at month+, non-consecutive. 9 at week+.

Alabama -
Alaska -
Arizona - Greyhound
Arkansas - Greyhound
California - 10 years, college, job, friends, refuge. LA and SF.
Colorado - Greyhound
Connecticut - Cousin
D.C. - Academic Decathlon awards. Got to listen to Bush I talk about the Michelangelo virus on the Rose Garden Lawn. Good zoo.
Delaware -
Florida - Miami airport en route to Chile
Georgia - Visiting Fanw in Atlanta for spring break, actually
Hawaii - week+, geology field trip, big island and Honolulu
Idaho - Boise for Academic Decathlon nationals. Also Greyhound through Coeur d'Alene. Maybe family trip there too.
Illinois - 17 years plus visit. Born and raised in Chicago. Not much outside: Fermilab trip, Latin trip south, A-Cen in the suburbs.
Indiana - 7 years *cries*. Grad school in Bloomington. Gencon in Indy.
Iowa - Greyhound
Kansas - family friend in Wichita, when I was like 4. Also Greyhound.
Kentucky - Road trip with John! Mammoth Caves and stuff.
Louisiana -
Maine -
Maryland - Baltimore day trip from Pennsylvania
Massachusetts - Visited Springfield, then Boston a few times -- Vericon, Fanw. 3+ weeks total. Taught someone to swing dance.
Michigan - 1.5 days in Ann Arbor
Minnesota - A day with Liz in Minneapolis. Much Greyhound.
Mississippi -
Missouri -
Montana - Greyhound
Nebraska - Greyhound. The Omaha station has full of Bible paraphernalia and looked like a refugee camp one time.
Nevada - week at Burning Man, never Vegas.
New Hampshire -
New Jersey - Newark airport one time. Maybe Greyhound
New Mexico - Greyhound
New York - week visiting Manhattan.
North Carolina - Charlotte airport, twice now.
North Dakota - Greyhound
Ohio - Ohayocon, Greyhound. Suppose I should try to visit Cleveland.
Oklahoma - Visited Seth and Cindy in Norman about a job.
Oregon - Just visited Portland, finally! Couple of days.
Pennsylvania - Family friends in Lancaster. Also Millennium Philcon.
Rhode Island -
South Carolina -
South Dakota -
Tennessee - Road trip with John, Pigeon Forge. Also Greyhound.
Texas - Greyhound. Big bugs in Dallas.
Utah - Greyhound.
Vermont -
Virginia -
Washington - Sister in Spokane, a few visits to Seattle.
West Virginia -
Wisconsin - I'm sure I went to the Milwaukee Zoo as a child.



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Jul. 28th, 2009 04:13 am (UTC)
Heh, I like this meme, it's funny.

Someone I know has a friend (or was it brother) who insisted he would drive his car to all US states. He'll never get Hawaii at this point. XD
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