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Housing Peeromancy

I bet no one reading this knows which comic I took "peeromancy" from. Anyway, procrastinating on the housing search has been less painful than I feared at first. 1BRs are pretty much gone, but some nice 2BRs are out there. Bunch of tradeoffs.

1) Right in the middle of downtown, great location. Most expensive, $800 with discount, $900 with a roommate. Huge, over 1000 square feet; the larger bedroom is about the size of my apartment, it felt like. Laundry is 4 minutes away. :( Pretty close to a friend. The only place currently occupied, so I'd have to talk to my current landlord about staying around long enough. Don't rent to undergrads. Not that much counter-space.

2) A 1BR in a duplex, which I found by looking for signs. Actually very close to where I am now, probably a bit more into the quiet zone. Laundry hookup, but if I want coin machines I'd have to haul to where I do now, from a bit further away but closer than #1. Second most expensive, $750, and not that big, though has the high ceilings and windows of my place, and a much nicer kitchen.

3) Back to Cedarview! Off on the east side. Kind of isolated, though that's good for noise. Could come furnished at $800, or un- at $700, or mixed (I've got a bed, but their couch is nice.) Good kitchen

4) Back to Bart Villa! $645, utilities included except for socket electricity. I know I fit well in those places since I came out of one. Pet friendly policy, which is bad if there's a loud dog. Run by Deer Park, which has a fair number of tenant complaints. East side.

5) College Mall, also run by Deer Park. Discounted down to $595, utilities not included. Remodeled, unlike Bart Villa. Kitchen and shower faucets had quirks. East side.

The latter 3 are all on 2nd, which I've been on my whole time here. They also have basement laundries, unlike the first two. 4 and 5 are cheapest, but have the sketchiest landlord. 1 is most expensive, but biggest and probably best location. Perhaps the worst kitchen, though still a big improvement on now, and there's room for a table for extra working surface. All places have decent shower pressure, though maybe not as high as I have now, though 1 was willing to swap out.



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Jul. 31st, 2009 10:24 pm (UTC)
Don't think you have many Erfworld fans reading?

The big problems I had with Deer Park were all with the management/maintenance staff. The apartments themselves were nice enough for the money. If you're willing to live somewhere where management's opinion is that all they have to do is say "okay" when you request maintenance, and that's enough of a response to meet their 48-hour window (regardless of when the maintenance actually takes place), then it's not too bad. Very convenient to the mall and the stores in that area, at least.
Aug. 1st, 2009 04:38 am (UTC)
Hmm. I know Erfworld has lots of Foomancies but I don't remember a 'peer' one. I got it from Finder endnotes, where the author notes Jaeger makes decisions by rolling dice until he gets what he wants, while Rachel (an upper-middle class teenage girl, albeit in a far weird future) tells all her friends and somehow comes to a decision based on that. "Call it peer-o-mancy". I sometimes do something similar, talking about my array of choices with someone.

Yeah, my apartment in Bart Villa wasn't bad. Once they fixed the A/C at the beginning of the school year. And I forget what the shower pressure was like. But others complained about not working A/C, and in the city hall files I saw complaints of odors and roaches, and long lists of minor inspection problems to fix.

If I was going to go back to East Second I'd probably go with Cedarview. Though they may have had the smallest rooms. Gah!

Also, hi! Been a while.
Aug. 1st, 2009 12:52 pm (UTC)
Ah. Then you're right and I didn't catch the reference. I thought pretty much every random "-omancy" was an Erfworld reference.

The A/C in my Bart Villa apartment never seemed to do anything for the temperature in the apartment, and every time I complained, there was some excuse. "Oh, we haven't turned it on yet. We've already turned it off. It's working, but it's not supposed to feel cold." Uh, what? I never successfully referred anyone to one of their apartments despite the promise of $200. Not to mention the staggering number of times that they applied my rent payment to the wrong apartment, then sent me letters threatening legal action. The one time when my rent payment was late (but still within the stated grace period), they silently deducted the late fee from my deposit. Ditto when I underpaid after they changed the rate and I was paying the wrong amount each month... no word at all until they misdirected a payment and I called in response to the nasty letter. That's when they told me about the underpayments, and I started paying the full amounts. No penalties, though. So, in short, Deer Park is worth plenty of hassles.

And my apartment had one grounded outlet, total. And it was next to the kitchen. My electronics lived in fear.
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