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Skill compiling

Being, among other things, a computer programmer, I tend to use computer metaphors, such as when my swing dance skill jumped from "sucky" to "not so sucky" overnight, it felt as if my consciously interpreted motor programs for the dance had been compiled into reliable automatic programs. Since I'd been practicing my steps to a Count Basie CD that wasn't too surprising.

What is surprising was my juggling just now. I haven't been practicing, and I've had 9 hours of sleep in the past two days (not for want of bedtime, my body seems to have forgotten how to go to sleep), and haven't had a full night's sleep since... I forget... but I kept the balls up in the air for surprisingly long. More than once. And not just in the basic 3-ball patterns I've known since 8th grade, but the 2-balls-in-one-hand were doing better than usual, even in my left hand (I'm left-handed for writing and right-handed for throwing). And even 4-balls (two in each hand) was better (not good, mind you, but lasting more than two cycles.)

Weird, if neat. Now if my go skills could compile as well; conscious studying wasn't helping my rank that much, up until I stopped January's obsession cold turkey.

Back to orals cramming (with a Scrapped Princess break. Scrapped Princess! Woo!)
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