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Female characters meme, take 3

Let's try yet again, sticking to explanatory one-liners, or tags, if I can.

Jame (magic, messianic, combat, bright, brunette, androgynous, funny, endearing, terrifying, good; I love)
Kirien (bright, androgynous, funny, stable, good; I love)
Aerin (endearing, combat, magic, princess, sort of bright, sort of stupid brave, redhead, poly, nigh-immortal; I sort of love)
Youko (combat, enduring, cute redhead, sort of androgynous, good, egalitarian empress, modern person in "medieval" world; I love)
Cordelia Naismith (humanist, good, big heart, people-insightful, badass at need, not young)
Agatha Heterodyne (genius 'scientist', good, blonde, heroic)
Zefiris (Scrapped Princess anime and novels) (AI/robot; endearing appearance, deadpan with occasional subtle humor, clarketech powerful combat machine, purple hair; I love; see icon)
Raquel (Scrapped Princess herself) (Pacifica's guardian sister, unflappable, domestic, kickass military mage, brunette)
Pacifica (the Scrapped Princess) (blonde, almost powerless, prophesied to destroy the world, trying to stay alive, cute, annoying, introspective)
Steyr (Scrapped Princess) (enemy AI clarketech robot; presents as a lot more female than Zefiris, and I don't just mean the giant boobs; sort of weaponized female, blonde)
Susan Ivanova (Babylon-5 TV) (second-in-command, military, very in-command personality, brunette)
Wednesday Addams (Addams Family Values movie, and others) (brunette deadpan, evil???, competent, cutting comments, I love)
Morticia Addams (Wednesday's mother) (brunette, dark, languid sexy, kind of indescribable)
Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean) (I need to rewatch the first movie, but kind of "I wanna be a pirate"? Big action girl when she needs to be, even if a lot is to save her love.)
Lafiel (Crest of the Stars anime) (blue hair, military space elf princess, endearing; I love)
Leela (Doctor Who) (direct, hunter, brunette)
Sarine Elle (Errant Story webcomic) (elf, moral when it's hard, trying to juggle a lot, sympathetic angst)
Meji Hindadori (Errant Story) (obnoxious teen mage good at blowing stuff up; blonde; sarcastic)
Sethra Lavode (Steven Brust novels) (250,000 year old enchantress who defends the world and sees the big picture while being a nice person when she can be. Supernaturally powerful because she's earned it, as far as we know.)
Sunshine (Sunshine, novel by Robin McKinley) (tries to be ordinary, internet geek, magical heritage, tied up with nasty vampires, bakes, apparent atheist in an urban fantasy world)
The Lady and Soulcatch (Black Company novels) (old and powerful mages. The Lady tried to set up a decent empire the second time around, safety and civil service and all. Soulcatcher is good at doing a lot with little power... even though she's the third most powerful wizard alive, and the first most is stuck underground. I love, at least my internal fanficced version of later Soulcatcher.)
Felice Landry (Pliocene Saga books) (superpowered psychic; I used to love)
Sulien ap Gwien (The King's Peace, novels) (sort of a female Lancelot)
Ael (My Enemy My Ally, Star Trek novel) (Romulan commander, seeks help of the Federation to stop war crimes and save the honor of her people; very awesome)

Major male character left out of the original list: Klaus Wulfenbach, Girl Genius. Classic grumpy enlightened despot.
Less major: Urdo (King's Peace, an Arthur variant)
Grangaarder(sp?) (King's Peace) (the local Odin, gets a few great scenes)

Nnng, I think I'm just burned out on the whole endeavor now.



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