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Damien Sullivan


Your Senate at work
* Jim Bunning blocks unemployment benefits extension with a (not so) secret hold. Go go Senate dysfunction!
* Filibuster use soaring
* Serious conservative health care ideas already in the reform bills.
* Conservative fringe turns on Scott Brown
* The filibuster's conservative tilt. Conservatives want tax cuts, which they can push through reconciliation and majority vote; equal rights or major reform needs a supermajority

War on women
* Rape at IU
* Utah criminalizes reckless miscarriage

* Enlightenment thinkers my high school didn't mention: Marquis de Condorcet, more famous for early voting analysis. "Unlike many of his contemporaries, he advocated a liberal economy, free and equal public education, constitutionalism, and equal rights for women and people of all races."
* Rise of the long-term unemployed.
* Budget and tax graphs
* Palestinians talk about one-state solution
* Autism-vaccine misinformer Jenny McCarthy learns her son never had autism.
* New York Times refuses to run ACORN errata. Liberal media what?
* (Facebook link) Vancouver removes artistic graffiti for Olympics
* Animal abuser registry. Because America doesn't have a big enough unemployable underclass.
* Weird Lord of the Rings parody with Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar
* Cool Bujold Cetaganda thread
* Dynamites prize in economics
* US embassy builds moat in England
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