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Elegante font; health care; Bujold; Tea Party; Jewish Arthur; women in open source

I have a new font for the titles in my LJ style, Elegante, created by Juan Jose Marcos Garcia. It looks like this -- my pic, I couldn't find any samples online! God knows if anyone else will see it. I have some other cursivish fonts in there. I downloaded it among many fonts, after I upgraded Ubuntu to Karmic, which brought Firefox 3.5.8, which refuses to honor some fonts such as URW Chancery which I was using before. FF doesn't seem to have a concept of 'cursive', either. I also gave up on the steampunk theme for Firefox; the right-click menu was missing stuff more and more.

Otherwise the upgrade went well. Nothing else broke, and the laptop buttons controlling sound started working again!

Well, I've got one complaint; the Pidgin text alerts are different in annoying ways. Not worth describing.

Joke I read: "You know the old joke, who wants to live to be a 100? A 99 year old."

* If reform fails, expect more health care deterioration Plus busting the budget
* Women in open source
* World poverty stats
* Debunking mammal pheromones
* Unemployment Hits 10.8%, Presidential Approval Drops to 35% -- for Ronald Reagan. Obama's doing a lot better.
* Leading school reformer reverses course on charter schools and No Child Left Untested.
* More Republican confusion on Medicare and government health care
* We're going brooooke! Or not.

* Bujold debunks "Shards of Honor started as a Star Trek fanfic". You have to scroll down a bit or search.
* Speaking of fanfic: Jewish Arthuriana

Tea Party "kill the nigger" level crazy: 1, 2, 3

* Creationists join global warming denial
* Gay rights pulled from Canada's immigration guide.
* Couple sued for not having a lawn
* 95 year old man without records

This post brought to you by the PREVIEW BUTTON. You know who you are.
Tags: computer, feminism, health care, links, politics, random, science, science fiction
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