Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Health care violence watch

Over ten Congressmen threatened

Address published, but of wrong guy. Gas lines cut anyway. Another address pubished, with pictures of the man's children

Sarah Palin's reactions:

Notice the crosshairs, marked red for retirees.

Tea party: "nigger, faggot"

RNC targets Congressman who agrees with them; they accept his explanation, Tea Partier doesn't.

Steele and Boehner: Health care reform is armageddon

Democratic offices vandalized, militia leader takes credit, with previous call for window breaking and implicit threats of revolution and killing
Another office vandalized, with death threat against children

Glenn Beck claims Obama is out to assassinate him

Stupak receives death threats. And
“Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) said he had to change his personal cell phone number after a Republican gave it out to health care opponents.” The chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party read Pomeroy’s cell phone number aloud on the stage of the North Dakota Republican convention.

List of hysterical FOX and right-wing rhetoric: Black Plague, RIP America, socialist putsch, "make every American a POW... and shove them in a meat cellar", "Democrats deserve to be drawn and quartered", "Democrats are preparing to euthanize America", "worst day since 9/11". This follows systematic FOX lies.

Murderous rhetoric in 2007
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