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Nothing like having people over to force some overdue cleanup. Had a nice birthday party Sunday, despite 7 hours or less notice. Thanks to all who came!

Still a month behind on links.

* Republicans trust GOP government more than Democrats trust Democrats. Democrats didn't distrust Bush II much more than Reagan or Bush I, but Republican mistrust Obama much more than they did Clinton or Carter. Democrats don't trust Obama more than Clinton; "Obamamania", or derangement, is entirely Republican.
* Digital copies store documents on their internal hard drives. Then used copiers get sold off, to people who could plunder copies of sensitive documents.
* Rapid tool use in crows.
* Miss. county schools ordered to comply with desegregation order
* 10 inconvenient truths for tax day
* How Top Colleges Squeeze You Dry And what they really spend your tuition money on. It's a de facto cartel led by the most prestigious schools.
* 2005 CIA director approved destruction of interrogation tapes
* Islamist terrorists hate our policies, not our culture
* Buffy as gay icon
* (From akashiver) Death of the Easter Bunny
* Bikini wax for 8 year old girls
* The Economist calls for shorter copyrights

* US tax levels: income tax like 8% of GDP, federal total 20%. Pre-tax US Gini surprisingly close to Europe, but rather different after taxes and transfers. Crazy things like free health care and university. Conservative accidentally makes case for social democracy. America's low social mobility.

* Tolkien lecturing in chain mail
* (humor) Obama to appoint Christ to Supreme Court; GOP opposed
* (youtube) spear-wielding chimps, who also bathe, clutching amusingly to a vine
* Feminist regression: Tron remake to lose the original's female PhD

* Tea Party leader shows his budgetary ignorance. Calls the stimulus "pork", and DoEducation and EPA "millstones" around the taxpayer, despite being minuscule compared to Social Security, Medicare, and Defense. Mentions Defense and foreign aid in the same breath, despite one being $600 billion and the other being $15 billion.

* (Onion) China to overtake US as world's biggest asshole.
* International climate change lawsuits



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