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More Gaza/Israel stuff

* Netanyahu's contempt for peace, USA, and liberal Jews; Israel as "start-up nation" under perpetual war
* Twitter vs. Israel and the Gaza siege
* Israel's mad dog diplomacy
* Details on the flotilla killings: multiple shots, many to the back or back of the head. Also
* Uri Avnery on "the anti-Semites running Israel
* Comparison of Hamas and Sitting Bull. (Warning: LJ page with a few hundred comments. Some of which... well.)
* No URL, but I read that Israeli forces were referring to the Rachel Corrie as the "Linda", the ship's former name. Didn't want to acknowledge... something, I guess.

* Israeli drive to prevent Jewish girls from dating Arabs.

* From someone's member-locked post, a comparison to the Nazis -- not how they treated Jews, but how they treated Slavs:
- The destruction of the infrastructure and the intelligentsia to create
a 'land suitable for colonisation'.

- The Ghettoising of populations into small, easily contained groups
where they could be victimised.

- The relaxing of legal repercussion for troops violating laws that
would be swiftly punished if they were perpetrated against 'their own

* Israel's internal refugees", the "present absentees". If an Arab stayed put in 1948, they became an Israeli citizen, kept their home, and only had to suffer 20 years of martial law and 60+ years of discrimination. If they fled the warzone, outside the future borders of Israel, they got to be mistreated first by Arab governments, and then by Israel when reconquered; they form the Palestinians. But if an Arab fled their home, but by luck was still in the new Israel, they to got citizenship -- but they didn't get to go home; their land was claimed for the Jewish people.

* Egypt blocks aid convoy to Gaza, perhaps because of Galloway pissing off Mubarak.

* 'failure' of the Diaspora to properly pressure Israel

But there is a Jewish peace lobby. Peace Now, Jewish Voice for Peace, J Street, and Tikkun.

* Arbitrariness of the Gaza blockade. Another rundown: 90% of the water is contaminated, half the hospitals are damaged, electricity works maybe 12 hours, fishing is crippled. Gaza's misleading restaurant. 10% face malnutrition, 10% of the babies are malnourished, 30% anemic...

* Israel's commando complex. Low amount of terrorism "a propaganda problem".


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