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Mahjong craziness

I've gradually been sucked into mahjong, since we watched Akagi in anime club a couple terms go. Not the common solitaire with mahjong tiles, but the actual Asian 4-player gambling game. Not that we gamble. Other people were playing in gamers' guild, I was a bit curious, and being friendly sometimes in providing a fourth person. Rules seemed pretty weird and arbitrary, especially compared to classical Chinese, which I started playing a computer version of. Eventually, though, I figured out how Japanese derives from Chinese, largely, and it makes somewhat more sense. And friends have been playing a lot, so I play with them. And then playing Japanese mahjong online vs. AIs for another fast-paced computer game.

So, two bragging points, if you know Japanese mahjong. The big one was on the computer.

A hand that is a yakuman in two different ways. It's 4 concealed pungs (program says "consecutive"; program also says "ten api" for "ten pai" and clearly has English problems), which is a natural yakuman (13 yaku) and you shouldn't count anything else. But I didn't know that, and so was expecting
concealed half flush (one suit + honors) + all pungs (toitoi) + concealed three pungs + pung of seat and prevailing wind + riichi + tsumo + ippatsu (mahjong within first round after riichi) + pung of dora + pair of ura-dora =
3 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 = 17 yaku, though it hits limit at 13, kozoe-yakuman.
So it was yakuman two different ways.

The smaller coolpoint was tonight, vs. people, where actually I had a pretty crappy game -- I only won once, a shitty riichi hand, 1 yaku at 30, and ended up going bankrupt. But! I drew a starting hand that had 7 distinct terminals, including all 4 winds, and I ended up going for thirteen orphans. Almost made it, by the end I just needed one more tile, 9 pin... all 4 of which were in the discard pools, sadly. But the wall ran out, so I got tenpai.

A few weeks ago I had a 9 yaku hand in the group, dragon pung plus 8 dora. That's just crazy luck though. Dragon kang draws dora making that dragon dora... oops.



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