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cat allergies and graves

It's weird. I moved in with M&C and their four cats (two theirs, two A&L's) Tuesday, and within a few hours I was leaking all over, blotting my nose, definitely allergic. And in the morning I was not just tired but this deep lethargy like being sick or taking allergy medication, which I'm not. This went on for a few days, but Saturday and Sunday mornings have been a lot better in how I felt. And Sunday I wasn't even blotting my nose much. I've adapted? I've been taking raw honey, like a teaspoon or so a day, but there shouldn't be any cat dander in honey! If it works, it must be by calming down the immune system, or rebooting it to consider current substances (e.g. pollen or cat stuff) to be normal, and not worth freaking out about. Strange.

The cats have been very well-behaved around me IMO, even today when I'm by myself. I leave them alone apart from food, they leave me alone apart from marking my shins and calves, everyone's happy.

Got Ch out for a bike ride today, in the one day of good weather before the week returns to hellhole. Showing her a park and path, some nice old houses, then wandering around a graveyard she likes. We found a HUGHES tombstone or plot marker right across from ARMSTRONG. There's also... Satanism? (Edit: No) next to a Masonic symbol we saw a lot of. Also, and going to be immature here, BATMAN.

Then Ch made peach cobbler, which was excellent, and I had more of her butter mochi, ditto.

On the electronics front, the N900 had no problem with the local wi-fi. The eee running Eeebuntu 4.0 doesn't work; something about eee and this Ubuntu and WAP2 with non-TKIP encryption. This has not been fixed. I exploring tethering from the phone, but that only seems to work with service provider Internet, not random internet. In exploring *that*, I installed a power user kernel which promptly bricked my phone. I discovered how to flash new kernels, which didn't fix it after repeated tries, until it did. Um. Then I downloaded Eeebuntu 2.0 (from reports, 3.0 was where the problem started.) I was sad about losing up to date software... until I realized that I can run right off the USB stick. Ha ha! I did that for a bit, but have gone back to the ethernet cable that I thoughtfully packed with me, on account of having bought it in Tokyo for use with a hotel jack. Didn't expect it to pay off so early.


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