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What the heck is with the multiple 50+ comment posts on James's LJ today? Gah.

Drawback of 4 cats: when food falls on the floor, it doesn't seem worth the bother of washing it off -- and sure wouldn't eat it without washing it off. Also, why are three of them attacking the plastic bags and boxes beneath the microwave?

Today was a bunch of errands. Medical, then accessories. Repaired sandals, new shoes, new supports, new eyeglasses case -- free for the asking! wow, guess they're trivial compared to the cost of eyeglasses -- micro SD card for the phone (8 GB is $22, 16 GB $60, 8 seems better value but then I figured I want it to live in my phone, so get as big as possible. Also, no 32G thumb drives yet? I'm surprised), screen protector, foreign plug converters, $10 for 4 4-packs of AA batteries at Radio Shack anyone need some?

Mall food court had amusing free samples competition going, Little Tokyo vs. the Chinese place next to it. LT's chicken and shrimp teriyaki wasn't bad, though I didn't realize the tea wasn't part of the combo, and I'm not big on sweet tea. Though maybe all that liquid helped the next paragraph.

Then biking straight from Target to Ch's for mahjong. 22 minutes via Covenanter. 22 miserable and sweaty minutes -- seems another way I can tell I'm gaining unwanted weight is sweating more, i.e. retaining heat more or generating more because there's more of me -- but interesting, not horribly miserable. I was glad to stop and splash cold water on me and guzzle ice water, but I wasn't staggering in on the verge of collapse, despite the 90+ heat and humidity levels. And my blood pressure earlier at the clinic was 115/73, despite having just biked up hill. 14 minutes back from Ch to A&L's, via Lincoln and First.

Some demographic posts of note:
European TFR is a tricky statistic, it assumes constant patterns but in fact age of first birth has been rising, but births are postponed, not wiped out. This is talking about birth and development i.e. something else, but has related graphs. Sadly, "adjusted fertility rate" is not a fruitful google within my patience. (Edit: just up, Randy's post on Iran's women and family size.)

Anne Rice has left "Christianity", i.e. conservative Christianity by what she describes, but not Christ.

Little tidbits of Tron.


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Aug. 4th, 2010 02:21 pm (UTC)
Just because james_nicoll has tons of posts with tons of comments, it does not mean you have to read every post and comment on everything. ^_^;
Aug. 4th, 2010 04:04 pm (UTC)
I in fact didn't read every comment. But it was still disconcerting. I think others had unusually high #s of comments too, though far lower. LJ comment day all over.
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