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Cleveland report

Been in Cleveland visiting Fanw for the past couple of days; flying to London Sunday evening. Flight itself was uneventful; biggest event was turning my phone to Offline, turning it off, and then it wouldn't boot up again afterwards. Managed to resurrect it again at Fanw's, with less trouble and a later kernel than last time. At least I'm getting better? Making more backups, at any rate. I'm totally not selling my friends on the N900, I'm sure... it's a shame, when it works it's pretty much exactly what I want, but two soul transplants in two weeks is ehhh. Fortunately I'd packed my old GSM phone, just in case the new one had problems, so I was able to call Fanw easily.

Been cool seeing her again, but I'm already starting to feel a bit unanchored. Doesn't help that LJ's being quiet, gale's been quiet a long time, people are busy with Gencon or moving... or that I still don't have a residence lined up for London. Think I have one in the works. Also that my big bag really is kind of too big and heavy for my tastes, but I'm not sure what I can lose.

Oh hey it's Saturday I've missed anime club.

Andy Clark's Natural Born Cyborgs really kicked in: I got used to the smartphone quickly, and felt rather panicky and cutoff when it wasn't working. One thing that called me down during my 3 hour airport wait was reading Robin McKinley's "The Pool in the Desert". Never read it before... I thought I owned Water in which it first appeared, but I dunno. Really good. Really bitter for much of it, she's rather good at lonely unpleasant childhoods. But new details about Damar! Squee!

3 hour wait, yeah. There's no good ways from Indy to Cleveland save by private car. Well, I didn't check train but I wouldn't bet on much there. Bus is 7 hours, flight was 5 -- hour to Midway, 3 hour wait, hour to Cleveland. There were direct flights, but for $500. London's only going to be ten hours.

Been to a couple parties, the farmer's market, Cleveland Museum of Art. If you go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/mindstalk/ you'll see museum photos, along with all the other uploads; I haven't done any organizing yet. I'd never had peach cobbler before the past week and I've now had it from two different bakers who I think were both doing it for the first time, though I might be wrong about Fanw. I introduced Fanw to Alma-Tadema and Bouguereau; see http://mindstalk.net/artrenewal for some links, from deep in my crusty website.

I've watched the Daily Show two days in a row! Unprecedented!

Phone: it's a GPS unit! An entertainment center (music and videos)! A note-taker! An e-mail checker! Also a phone.

Icon chosen for watching a Muppet Show episode tonight.


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Aug. 9th, 2010 06:49 pm (UTC)
typo: "big bag" -> "big bad"

I wouldn't normally point it out, but I first read it, I thought you meant it Buffy-style -- that you had an overarching villain you were facing down. And I wondered what kind of archenemy was so powerful and heavy that you couldn't... oh, right. Bag.
Aug. 9th, 2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
Heh! Thanks.
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