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more London

I'm very tired even before jetlag, but wasn't sure I'd sleep well so early, and felt I should try to get out a bit. Also I needed some stuff. So I just walked up Cambridge Heath, and back down again. Got a few groceries quickly, crossed over the Regent's canal which has bikepaths. Saw that a stretch of road has 3 different night bus routes, one of which runs every 12-15 minutes. At 3am! I'm not sure if there's a consistent meaning to white and yellow road lines here. Police cars look funny. Ambulances look even weirder. Lots of bicycles. Crosswalks often have paint telling you which way to look, including "LOOK BOTH WAYS" where appropriate.

Landlady seems friendly, remotely. Sent a text asking if everything was ok, I said pretty much apart from the dongle, she called back, though not helping me much.

Although. When I came back, I tried putting the dongle in a USB port. Nothing. Leaving it on, I thoughtlessly connected to the phone connection I already have. It worked, and the dongle blinked its blue light at me during the process. But I hadn't plugged the phone into eee via USB -- and Bluetooth was off on the phone and maybe the eee as well. So how were they communicating? Spooky. Clearly the dongle is implicated but I don't get it.

I've already brained myself on the bar above the stairs to my loft. Go me!

There's one big weakness to this place: no microwave. That's common in Europe, IIRC. But not cookware either, despite the gas stove. (Which has an ignition button you have to press while the gas is flowing.) Hmm, unless cookware is in the dishwasher.


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