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Bridge And Tower Prana

I believe I left my readers at a skylighted (and, not mentioned, totally vegetarian) Gallery cafe. I eventually set out around 6, getting off the train at Bank, in the heart of the City, the original Roman camp square mile, which is now the financial district. And it is DEAD on a Saturday, just tourists and not enough of us to keep a Starbuck's open. Makes it easier to see and photograph the elaborate architecture though, of which there is quite a surfeit. I have some pics up of the Royal Exchange, whatever that is, and the Bank of England.

Then I found London Bridge. It's not much to look at when you're on it - or any other time. It does have a view of its own, of the Thames and of the rather more ornate Tower Bridge. Lower Thames Road, walking along the Thames, view of a tied up battleship? Finally the Tower of London, which is more of a conventional castle than a wizard's tower, say. Just saw the outside, it was closed. Then off to the Cittie (sic) of Yorke pub to meet more RPG people.

Seems like everyone I meet has been to the US.

Way back, I got out at Liverpool Street, I had the impression it was big. Actually, you come out into a giant rail station - it's one of the big interchanges with long distance rail, like Euston. Outside that things looked dead at first, but nightlife was a block away, along with a ragged woman asking for change.

Outside my home station was a homeless man trying to sell newspapers. "Help the help/homeless help themselves." So there they are.

Today's another late day. I'm having jerk chicken for breakfast at 3, at a Caribbean/Nigerian restaurant. The chicken tastes good but there's a lot of bone fragments, probably from sawing chicken pieces apart.

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