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Return of the travel spam

Wow, haven't posted in five days. Well, haven't done either. Short form, including disease progress:

Monday: lower energy, vague throat sensations, already recorded
Tuesday: leaked like BP with a definite cold; Science Museum; already recorded
Wednesday: less dripping, much less energy, stayed in except for food.
Thursday: beginning of cough, otherwise ditto. Missed a message from Wren.
Friday: more energy, also phlegm-productive cough, could have gone out more but didn't.
Saturday: enough energy to run up stairs two at a time. Met Jill L from gale at Liverpool Street, got taken to a row of Indian restaurants on Brick Lane, had tandoori lamb chop. Then we walked to the old Roman wall of London, then to St. Paul's. Jill took off, I poked my head in but didn't feel like standing in line to pay money to get in. Walked around some, finally stumbled back onto Holborn. Went to Samurai Sushi, a chain with individually wrapped pieces of sushi in a fridge. Got to try a lot for not much, but none of them were much good.

Sunday: went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, went around at a decent pace to eyeball things. Wondered how big pieces of ivory art get made (probable answer: elephant tusks are bigger than I think, can be cut for panels or statues; bigger works have obvious joins and panels), saw what looked like a giant warded key in a tapestry, saw a claim that a square meter of high quality tapestry takes a month to weave, saw two giant courts of plaster casts of sculptures. Apparently colored to match material and stains?

Then tubed over to Westminster, saw Downing Street (gated off), Horse Guard Parade (a plaza, not an active parade), walked around St. James's Park, saw Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

Today/Monday: got caught up in phone doctoring, so only got out in the evening. Tubed to Piccadilly Circus, found the Soho sex district, then Chinatown which is what I was looking for. It seems rather small, just a street or two. Lots of dim sum places but none late. Ended up in Taiwanese restaurant, Leong's Legend. Had a funky version of dim sum they did have and made, Siu Loung Bao, 8 round pyramidal pork dumplings, with a lot of liquid inside them too. Good. Also pork belly rice, just rice with medium slabs of juicy pork belly pieces, served with awkward plastic chopsticks and a spoon. I opted for spooning up a piece of pork belly, knawing off some fat and meat, then getting some rice into my mouth too.

Have gained 4 kg in the past week, exactly. :( Eating out a lot and lying in, I guess.

Found a cheapish Japanese restaurant right by S. Kensington station, had duck bento for 5.50. Tea is 1 pound per cup; I miss Tokyo, where it was typically free.

Notes as I went:
Jill and I passed a self styled necrobus, ghostbustour.com

Thai restaurant didn't have Thai iced tea.

Samurai Sushi and Bento. Can buy individual pieces. 8.35
gyoza ok
softshell crab maki meh. Softshell means leave the shell on, I guess.
Pepper yellowtail good
beetroot marinade salmon ok
eel meh, ditto tandoori salmon and tamago, texture of which was all wrong.
Staffed by Indians.
No tuna available.

Mr. Simms Olde sweet Shoppe is sadly not very olde in its ingredients.

Waterstones closing at 5.

Holborn 6:30 crowded, with the testiest ever male announcement telling us to move down the platform. "People cannot get onto the platform because you are blocking the entrance."

Why do I smell chemicals on the train? Because the woman next to me is doing her nails on a crowded train. I thought about saying something but didn't.


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