Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

Further into the evening

No complaints about the Taiwanese tea. £1.20 for what felt more like a two-person pot. Cup after cup until it got really bitter near the bottom.

I was totally wrong about Chinatown being just a couple of streets. That's the area with Chinese gates, but the Chinese area is a lot bigger. Probably bigger than Boston, not sure about San Francisco, nothing like NYC. Not that I'm an expert. No crowds of actual Chinese people - though a lot in the right restaurants - but then it was after 9 pm. I saw pocky and frozen siu mai and fans, and bought a couple of pretty Chinese style coin purses. Probably not silk. A little girl was playing with a balloon in that store. "I'm a penguin!" as she waddled with it. Hybrid Chinese/English accent.

Theatre district nearby. Avenue Q, Les Mis, Wicked, Chicago, Priscilla.

Passed an Ugg store.

Corean Chilli.

Lots of pedicabs? Bicycle rickshaws? Also lots of Thai massage places, looking herbal and holistic and not sexual at all... At 22:30 in Soho and with "male tonic" signs.

Unrelatedly, my area of South Kensington feels rather odd at 6pm. Lots of shops, all of which are closed or closing. Some number of individuals dashing through. Dimming light (clouds, and sunset in 2 hours). My first thought was some Doctor Who episode where most of the people have vanished, but a better match is the alternate universe Buffy episode where vampires rule the night. That feel of "it's lght out but close up and scurry home before it gets dark".

This got ruined when I passed the restaurant with flaming gas torches above the entrance. Ah well, the World of Darkness was always best answered with fire.
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