Damien Sullivan (mindstalk) wrote,
Damien Sullivan

The book is dead, long live the book

So what was I doing with my sick week, if not exploring London? Partly being online in some of my traditional haunts, mostly LJ FB and RPGnet. (No Krugman or blogs for a while.) But also reading a lot, 6.5 novels in the past week. None of them physical and needing to be carried, all being Baen e-books, on my eee at home and on my phone in restaurants. Nothing very deep, mind you: five Liaden books (two being story collections), the Leinster collection, and Flint's 1632 as the half. But hey.

Tangentially, I'll probably finally leave London next week. I hadn't heard from the family friend in Edinburgh, so simply called her last night. She says she'd e-mailed me, which I didn't receive, but anyway I'm likely to go up next M-F. I want train, though I haven't looked at travel times and costs yet. Don't know about afterwards, fly to Dublin or Scandinavia?
Tags: london, travel, travel2010
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