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Third Friday the 3-cubed in London

Another late day, exacerbated by waking up after 4 hours of sleep and not getting back to sleep. Went to Chinatown for dim sum, at Gerrard's Corner. It was... not splendid. The cheung fun rolls were good. They had something new: beef with black pepper in in a small bun. I usually don't say things have too much black pepper, but I have to here. They didn't use transliteration at all: ha gow was "king prawn dumplings". They did have Chinese characters, and a lot of Chinese customers.

My first RPG.net had told me of a game store in the area, so I figured I'd check it out, Forbidden Planet. It's more accurate to say that it has RPGs -- though certainly a wider selection than the Game Preserve in Bton. Top floor is largely geeky toys, figurines and shirts and posters and such. Bottom floor is comics, *totally* dwarfing Vintage Phoenix, and manga, and SF books. (The sign pointing downstairs lists them as horror, SF, fantasy, slipstream, Pratchett, and Tolkien.)

I'm reminded that Chicago had a huge comic store I stumbled upon once. And a smaller but still bigger one. I think I rather have spent too much time in Bloomington, and not enough as an adult in really big cities... where did I get my comics from in SF? I don't remember. Did I?

Man was 8-10 pounds a volume, apart from some Oh! My Goddess on sale for 99 pence.
Mushi-shi has a manga, not sure if it's prior to the anime.
RPG section had lots of Exalted, Scions, RQ, BRP, WH, Traveller, Paranoia, Legends of Anglerre, GURPS, Hero...

Walked some more, hit Holborn, turned north for novelty, hopped on a bus for novelty, going to the upper deck and taking video from it. It ended shortly at Euston station, so I walked north from there, into less snazzy parts of London. A lot of wandering finds me resting at Costa Coffee, a Starbucks-alike. (No wi-fi, still using my phone.) Albeit one with no concept of "a coffee". I asked for one and had to come up with a type, like Americano or latte or "just hot water and filtered coffee" or "with milk". I went with latte, which turns out to have rather more milk than I expected.

BTW, my old complaint about no street signs? That must have been limited to Tower Hamlets, there's actually been plenty elsewhere. In a different location to the US: up on buildings (and in bigger letters.) Jill pointed out that they have different style or crest based on the local town... I want to say 'London' is actually like Boston, a whole Petri dish of townlets linked by public transit. I was in Tower Hamlets, there's the City of London, the City of Westminster, South Kensington, Camden... OTOH, Ken Livingstone was elected mayor of London with an electorate of five million, way more than any PM has, so obviously there's some higher level of authority.


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Aug. 27th, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
Just weighing in: Mushishi manga definitely predates anime.
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